What's the best vehicle to get for the lowest price?

What's the best vehicle to finance to get the lowest payment possible is a question that we get all the time. 

Many customers assume that a lowered value vehicle will have a lower monthly payment and often times this isn't true. The bank determines payment not on just the amount you finance but on the length of the term of the loan. Often times on a lower valued vehicle the bank is less apt to get a longer loan and on a shorter term you may actually end up with a higher payment.

Often times banks are interested in loaning you a vehicle that is under warranty, that they know will start and run well and that vehicle will not break down while you owe the bank money. So, often times picking a vehicle that is a well balanced car that is in you price point, is the better buy for the bank and for you and many times this can help you get even a lower payment than a lower priced car. 

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