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Check Out How the Explorer Compares Against Competition in Hermiston


For anyone who stops in to Tom Denchel, you'll see just how our many options provide standout appeal for those of all lifestyles. That's especially true of the Ford Explorer. For many years the SUV has given drivers high levels of satisfaction with performance, technology and utility, and it still holds strong against the competition.


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Reimagined 2016 Ford Explorer Earns Praise from Autotrader Pundits

If we at Tom Denchel Ford Country in Hermiston were to delineate all of the choicest qualities of our full-size crossover -- the new-and-improved 2016 Ford Explorer -- we'd likely have to dedicate several blog posts to the endeavor.

However, since we don't quite have that degree of digital real estate available, we'd like to pass it off to Autotrader personality, Jabari Jones, instead. Tag along with him in the video below; he's here to detail the top five traits of this tremendous transport:

Should you consider yourself a performance enthusiast, the Explorer's top-of-the-line engine ...

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If you're considering a full-size crossover for your next daily driver, listen up. Your buds at Tom Denchel Ford Country in Hermiston have one heck of a recommendation for you.

Try the totally transformed 2016 Ford Explorer on for size. Just don't be surprised when it steals your heart:

See what we're saying? This SUV's new look is sensational!

And with an array of potent powertrains to choose from, the new Explorer is much more than just another pretty face. It's also amazingly athletic, a trait perhaps best exhibited by the range-topping turbo 3.5-liter…

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