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Beat the winter chill with this one simple trick from Ford!

We may be nearing the end of February here in Oregon and Washington, but we all know that winter is far from over here in the Northwest. And with plenty of rain, sleet, and snow in the weeks to come, most of us are looking for a little relief from the blustery chill that still has its grip on us here in Hermiston, OR and Prosser, WA. Well, luckily Ford knows exactly how you feel during the winter months, which is why it's shared a helpful little video on how to beat back the morning chill.


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Autotrader Takes Spiffy 2016 Ford Edge for a Spin

Have you kept pace with our blog page here at Tom Denchel If so, you may well recall a post from just a few short months ago, in which we profiled the radically remade 2016 Explorer.

And, as impressive as that vehicle is, it's certainly not the only SUV on the Ford roster worth your consideration. Nay, in that regard, the 2016 Ford Edge is also among the American automaker's very best.

Check the clip below -- a video review of the Edge from Autotrader commentator, Jabari Jones -- to discover all this top-shelf transport brings to the…

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How Much Do Tai and Terrence Love Their 2016 Fusion? Let Them Count the Ways….

One way to get the inside scoop on a vehicle is to ask someone who currently owns, and that’s exactly what Ford decided to do. They approached real-life couple and 2016 Ford Fusion owners Tai and Terrence and asked them what they love about their 2016 Fusion. If you’re looking for the inside story on the ownership experience for the 2016 Fusion, check out this video, and if you find your interest piqued, give us a visit at Tom Denchel Ford Country to see the real deal.


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Ford F-150: Good for Work, Great for Play

The Ford F-150 is a highly capable work truck, but it has a lot to offer when it comes to recreation as well. Consider the class-exclusive and innovative available LED Side-Mirror Spotlights. They bring the sun, even in the middle of the night, so you can work on well into the evening hours. You deserve a Ford truck that has all the features you need to tackle projects big and small, but what sets the F-150 apart is it’s ability to go seamlessly from your work truck to your recreational vehicle at the end of the day.


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Reimagined 2016 Ford Explorer Earns Praise from Autotrader Pundits

If we at Tom Denchel Ford Country in Hermiston were to delineate all of the choicest qualities of our full-size crossover -- the new-and-improved 2016 Ford Explorer -- we'd likely have to dedicate several blog posts to the endeavor.

However, since we don't quite have that degree of digital real estate available, we'd like to pass it off to Autotrader personality, Jabari Jones, instead. Tag along with him in the video below; he's here to detail the top five traits of this tremendous transport:

Should you consider yourself a performance enthusiast, the Explorer's top-of-the-line engine ...

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Ford’s Mustang Moments Feature Chef

For lots of people, a career in medicine is an unfulfilled dream. Urologist Bernhard Schonsee, has been working in his chosen career for years. While he finds it fulfilling and enjoys helping people, he’s ready for a new challenge.

And just where might this new challenge lie? Bernhard dreams of trying his hand at being a chef. In fact, he and his girlfriend—who works in the food industry—have plans to open their own restaurant someday.

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Feel the Difference with Ford SYNC Connect Technology

If you're loyal to the Ford community, then you probably thought your experience couldn't get any better than it is today. That is, of course, until you learn of the new Ford SYNC Connect technology.

If this is the first you're hearing of SYNC, you'll be pleased to find that the technology comes equipped to tackle many of the unexpected and expected hassles of owning a car. We're referring to starting your car in the dead of winter, or locating your automobile in a six-story parking garage. How you use SYNC, of course, is completely…

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The Ford Focus: This “Rock Star’s” Dream Car

When you were a kid did you dream of being a rock star? The big hair, the tall boots, the leather pants and most of all, the desire to sing and play guitar or drums in front of an audience of screaming fans: what’s not to love?

While we may have had that dream, most of us recognized that it was just that: a dream. We can’t imagine what this salesman at Ford thought when Dr. Genevieve St. Jermain showed up at his dealership:

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Ford Hybrid Technology | Tom Denchel Ford 1-888-711-9135

Check out this short video from Tom Denchel Ford about how Ford engineering has long been at the forefront of automotive engineering including hybrid technology. Ford was one of the first to master this technology and offer it on multiple models and the new Lithium Ion batteries are smaller and deliver a more powerful punch. Ford’s hybrid electric engine combines a gas engine, electric motor and high-voltage batteries to deliver the highest possible MPG without sacrificing power or performance. Hybrid vehicles are a great combination of power, fuel economy and resale value that make them the ideal investment for…

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