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Ford’s Mustang Moments Feature Chef

For lots of people, a career in medicine is an unfulfilled dream. Urologist Bernhard Schonsee, has been working in his chosen career for years. While he finds it fulfilling and enjoys helping people, he’s ready for a new challenge.

And just where might this new challenge lie? Bernhard dreams of trying his hand at being a chef. In fact, he and his girlfriend—who works in the food industry—have plans to open their own restaurant someday.

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The Ford Focus: This “Rock Star’s” Dream Car

When you were a kid did you dream of being a rock star? The big hair, the tall boots, the leather pants and most of all, the desire to sing and play guitar or drums in front of an audience of screaming fans: what’s not to love?

While we may have had that dream, most of us recognized that it was just that: a dream. We can’t imagine what this salesman at Ford thought when Dr. Genevieve St. Jermain showed up at his dealership:

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