See How the Ford Escape Beats Out the Nissan Rogue

Here at Tom Denchel, we often make a point of showcasing many of our popular models and discussing the advantages each one provides those in Hermiston, Kennewick, Pendleton and Prosser because we're positive that folks from those areas will find the benefits. Among them is the Ford Escape, and if you pit it head-to-head against a model like the Nissan Rogue, you're going to find a lot to like!

Ford Escape vs. Nissan Rogue

  • When it comes to power under the hood, the Ford Escape offers you available 245 horsepower depending on the engine setup if you want options, while the Rogue only offers its 170-horsepower solution, meaning you can find more performance with the Escape.
  • The Escape also features intelligent four-wheel drive to give you a firm grip of the road and the different elements to add confidence to go along with that performance, as well.
  • If you're a person who needs to tow items with your SUV, you're going to want the Escape. That's because with the right setup, it is capable of towing up to 3,500 pounds, which is three times as much as the Nissan Rogue is capable of.
  • With features like Enhanced Active Park Assist, the Escape will give drivers the ability to allow the vehicle to guide it in to parallel and perpendicular parking spots by doing the steering for them, while the Rogue has no such feature.
  • As a testament to the quality of the Ford Escape, 96 percent of its models sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today.

If you'd like to learn more, contact us or stop in and see us here in our showroom as we'd be happy to provide you with all the details, answer any questions and arrange a test drive at your convenience.

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