Discover the Convenience of FordPass SmartLink


One of the true standout features on new Ford vehicles is FordPass. It offers you connectivity with your vehicle from your device, and in particular FordPass SmartLink is able to give you plenty of different features that is going to make the ownership experience easier, and give you a better connection to your ride!

You'll be able to find FordPass SmartLink on all 2010 through the current model year vehicles as they are all eligible to use it. With it you can remotely lock and unlock your vehicle from your phone, locate your vehicle, set speeds, a geo fence alert, plus find it on the go if you're looking to find another member of your family who is out driving.

Along with that, you can get vehicle health alerts which will let you know when your vehicle needs service or if your vehicle has been bumped unexpectedly while you're not near it.

There's a lot to like about FordPass SmartLink, and our team would be happy to provide you with all the details, so be sure to contact us here in our showroom serving Kennewick, Prosser, Pendleton and Hermiston and we can get started and help you set up all the technology onboard your Ford vehicle so you can enjoy a connected experience with your vehicle and have access to a wide range of features from your phone. You can learn more about all our new vehicles here as well and take a test drive to find your ideal match, too as we hope to see you soon!

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