The 2017 Fusion Gets a Rotary Shifter, and Ford Takes Advantage of the Free Space

The gear shifter on the redesigned 2017 Ford Fusion hardly looks like a gear shifter at all. It looks more like the dial you would use to change the radio station. Instead of tuning up country western or classic rock, however, this rotary shifter will take your car from park, to reverse, to drive.

What can interior designers do with all that freed-up space?

Ford decided to give the Fusion's cup holders a major overhaul.

The two center cup holders were moved forward, the front-most one by six inches over the 2016 model. That left room for the arm rest to extend three inches, increasing space in the armrest storage compartment by a half gallon. There was even space left over for a front-console pocket for stashing small items like a wallet or cell phone.

The front cup holders are also positioned more ergonomically, so that 95 percent of drivers of all shapes and sizes will be able to reach them easily.

According to Jolanta Coffey, Ford instrument panel and console manager, "Being dissatisfied with your cup holders may be a minor annoyance, but it's a daily one, which over time detracts from the overall car experience. On the other hand, when you like your cup holders, they can make your vehicle feel like home. For Fusion, we set out to develop a beautiful interior, paying attention to the details that make people fall in love and stay in love with their car."

The 2017 Fusion will reach our new inventory at Tom Denchel Ford Country in Hermiston this summer.

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